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The story behind
the Grand Stand

"I was straining to read the music with my bifocal."

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At the ages of three and five our daughters began piano lessons. I remember well how high and far the music sat on the piano music stand in relation to where they were positioned in front of the piano. They would strain their eyes to look up at the music and then down at their fingers continually as they searched for the proper placement of their tiny fingers on the keyboard. Reaching up to turn pages in their music books did not come easy either.


Fast forward over 25 years: I'm taking piano lessons, and as a progressive lens wearer, I'm finding myself straining my eyes and neck as I attempt to read the music and get my fingers on the proper keys. One day my teacher shared how she wished there was a way to reduce the eye strain for her students. I thought, wow, it isn't just a problem for our family! I set out to design a piano music stand. Several months later I brought the stand to the Virginia Music Teachers Association conference. The piano teachers loved it! They wanted one not only for their students but for themselves as well. Today the Grand Stand brings comfort to many piano players around the world!

Dee Nilsen

CEO, Grand Stand for Piano

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