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No More Neck Pain or Eye Strain

"The music position is perfect! I love it!" - Barbara Strong

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America's #1 Patented Ergonomic Piano Music Stand. 

No More Twisting Your Neck
No More Neck Pain from Playing Piano

The Grand Stand is a powerful manifestation of transforming other people's lives. Watch the short video to learn how it has brought the comfort back into this pianist's life.

Neck Pain & Eye Strain Relief
For Bifocal & Trifocal Wearers

Relieve the stress on the neck by no longer having to tilt the head up to look through the bottom of the glasses.


Grand Stand Used By Principal Keyboardist
in the Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Famous Composer John Williams conducting!

Lead Keyboardist Robert Marler on piano!

The Grand Stand reduces eye strain, neck and back pain, and eases page-turning by lowering music books, sheet music, iPads, and tablets down closer to the pianist.

Perfect on symphony pianos for stage performance! As noted by Nashville Symphony principal keyboardist Robert Marler, who used the stand during a Gala with the famous composer John Williams conducting his own music: "It helps one to see over the music to see the conductor as well as lowering the level of the music for easier reading. The symphony is going to purchase one to stay at the hall."


John Williams conducting during rehearsal as Robert Marler uses the Grand Stand at the piano. (Fall 2017)


Robert Marler using the Grand Stand on a Beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano


Robert Marler's view of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, behind the Grand Stand, fall 2017

The Constant Pain is Gone

"Because the music stand was so high, the constant pain in my neck while practicing became troublesome enough that I thought I might have to get rid of my baby grand.

In despair, I sent a google inquiry:  can I do anything to lower my music stand? - and was amazed to read about the Grand Stand for Piano. Within a few days of ordering, I had it installed (simply placed it over the lamp attachment on my music stand) and felt immediate relief.

It was like a miracle for me! I love the piano and now I can enjoy it again without distress! (and because the music is at eye level, I can also see the notes more clearly!)"

Karen Osterman

Port Washington, NY


Church pianists struggled to see the music clearly.
The Grand Stand is " . . . perfect and has been a pleasure to use.".

Stand_Calav smaller.jpg

The Grand Stand for Piano has been an answer to my prayers! I am a church musician and play on a Yamaha Clavinova CV-208. I've struggled for years trying to see the music clearly.


I wear progressive bifocal lenses, but for playing the piano, I wear single-vision glasses when playing (similar to what you would wear for computer use). The style of the CV-208 places the music much farther back than normal.


I tried a lens prescription set for that distance, but it just didn't work as well as expected. It was also difficult to reach the music to turn the pages. I realized I just needed something to bring the music closer to me.

My internet research brought me to the Grand Stand for Piano!  Dee was so helpful with her suggestions as to which size to purchase. After a few measurements, I decided on the 12-inch. It's perfect and has been a pleasure to use. I wish I had it 10 years ago!

The Grand Stand is very well made and should last a very long time.

So if you're struggling to read music due to your bifocal glasses or for whatever reason, I would suggest trying the Grand Stand. Thank you, Dee, for all your help!

Gwynne Archambeau

Sterling Heights, MI


  Avoid Piano Playing Injuries  

"Music teachers world over often plead with their students, at any age, to avoid looking at their hands as much as possible.


One of the worst habits a sitting musician can acquire would be to pull their head back and down to look at notes on the page, or, pull their head forward and down; For example, to look at hands moving over the keyboard.


Untaught use of musicians’ eyes often brings bad posture, beginning early unfortunately for sitting musicians reading music. Unidentified poor use of musicians’ eyes over time often leads to serious neck pain, can result in an injury as well.


Less known, this very bad habit for musicians' struggling to achieve overall good coordination can bring a glitch, as every Alexander Technique Teacher knows.

Dee's GRAND STAND IS an early "injury prevention" tool for sitting musicians, and, can make a start on a road less traveled for musicians to recover good overall coordination given to all of us as toddlers. Dee can almost guarantee her genuine article as MEANS WHEREBY for music teachers to introduce ‘safe sound’ lesson for music students."

Dr. Robert M. Bedford (Juilliard-trained)

Certified Alexander Technique Teacher

Professor of Piano, School of Music

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Senior woman suffering from neck

Are you experiencing neck pain from playing piano? Dee Nilsen, the CEO of Grand Stand for Piano proudly offers a patented music stand for the piano that’s 100% Ergonomic.

This ergonomic music holder for piano is available  nationwide and is suited for grand and baby grand pianos, and a variety of digital and console piano.


Who can use this ergonomic music holder for piano? Dee Nilsen’s USA made music stand is highly recommended to be used by:

- Choir Groups

- Music Studios

- Piano Teachers

- Music Performers

- Schools that teach piano lessons

- Households with piano playing family members

- Piano players from beginners to professionals

Do you have any questions about this piano music holder? Visit our FAQs page here.


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Say Goodbye to Neck Pain
from Playing Piano

America's #1 Patented Ergonomic Piano Music Stand

100% Money Back Guarantee 

 We ship to countries like United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Sweden, and Germany

Grand Piano Music Stand | Grand Stand for Piano

"With your music stand it puts my music and hands in close proximity making it easier to read and play music."

- Christine Casey, VA

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"Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I am loving the Grand Stand. I had struggled with all kinds of expensive progressive eyeglasses, costing thousands of dollars. All that, so I could see my music without looking up so high. I never looked forward to practicing because of this.


I had 2 rounds of prednisone shots in my neck in the past, so I didn't need any extra problems to add to that. Now, I am so happy to practice without suffering.


I had always thought about inventing something that would work like this, but I'm so happy I could just find this on the Internet and simply buy it. And thanks for assisting me in choosing the right size."  Grand Stand is used on the Yamaha Avant Grand N2 digital piano.

Amanda Hidalgo

Scottsdale, AZ

"I received my Grand Stand a few days ago. I am using it for myself when I practice and it does make it much easier to read with my eye problems. I have also used it for some of my younger students, bringing the music much closer to them. 


My little six-year-old student is so excited that now she can play on the "big" piano (Yamaha grand) instead of my keyboard. I will certainly recommend it to anyone who would benefit from the use of the Grand Stand. 


At our monthly DEMTA (Douglas Elbert Music Teachers Association) meeting this week I will mention my purchase and share your information with them."


Peggy Gregory NCTM

Parker, CO

"I use your music rack for myself (with my bifocals), my husband (who loves it--he also has bifocals), my Grandmother student (who no longer complains that she can't see the music) and my 6-year-old beginner--the music is just at her eye level.


I have dreamed of such a music rack for years, wishing someone would invent it, and, voila! you did, and I love it."

Vicki King, D.A. Bloomington, IN 

Piano Pedagogy

 World’s 1st & #1 Ergonomic Piano Music Stand | 100% Money Back Guarantee

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