Putting the Comfort Back into Piano Playing

Owner of this custom designed Grand Stand for over a year, Christine has found the stand to be immensely helpful for her students. She recently had this to say about the stand:


"The Grand Stand lowers the music book so short students can more easily see the music. As well, it helps my senior adult students take the pressure off their neck by not having to look up as much."

Christine Robitaille

Woodstock, VA

Child and piano teacher | Grand Stand for Piano

Making a Tremendous Difference!

Stories From Our Customers

"My Grand Stand arrived today and I am thrilled with it.  It really does make it so much easier to read music, plus the sheets don’t flop down on it, as they do on the piano stand. I am going to really enjoy it :)"


Thank you!

Fiona Yue

Larchmont, NY

"I absolutely love the Grand Stand. I purchased a new Baldwin Grand this year and unfortunately the music rack does not adjust like the rack on my Yamaha Grand. After several weeks of fighting to keep my music books open I had to find a remedy.  Fortunately I ran across this product and ordered it immediately. Unexpectedly, it actually solved several problems for me. No more fighting with my music books and I found it so much more comfortable to read music at a lower level. Also, since I wear bifocals, I no longer encounter the neck and eye strain from having to look up to see out of the bottom of my lenses! This has made my practice and recreational time so much more enjoyable! I truly believe my playing has improved while reading and learning new music. Thanks a zillion!"

Mike Fannon

Cumming, GA

"Just a note to say that we received the stand for our piano and it is perfect, thank you. We are delighted with it and the neck pain of reading music has gone!"

Many thanks for sending this across to the UK for us."

Jim and Rosie McCarthy

United Kingdom

"Thanks for bringing your special music stand to the Virginia Music Teachers Association Conference. As my eyes have aged, it has made it difficult to use my glasses to read the music and then shift to looking at the keys.........two different planes of focus. With your music stand it puts my music and hands in close proximity making it easier to read and play music. Now I can put on my glasses and have both in relatively the same focal plane. Many thanks and all the best to you."

Christine Casey


"I've been very pleased with the adaptability that the Grand Stand for Piano affords to certain students. I’ve had quite a number of six and seven year olds, and to bring the music down to their level is very helpful and helps focus as well as see better. Senior-age students who are short in their upper body also benefit from using the stand. I loaned my stand to a young student, and the parent was eager to buy one---we are placing an order today!"

Betty Ann Spiers

Charlottesville, VA

"The Grand Stand for Piano saved the day for my young daughters. My daughters are 4 and 7 years old. The digital piano they play on for their recitals makes it difficult to see their music. I am so thrilled I found this stand. After practicing so hard for their recital this stand made it possible for them to easily read their music. The girls music teacher loved the stand as well. I was also in contact with Dee several times and she was more than helpful. She truly cared about making sure we got a stand that would work for us!! I am thankful for both the stand and Dee's great customer service. I would recommend this stand to anyone needing to lower their music."

Brittany Riddle


"I am so glad I discovered your product. It is working out extremely well. Having the music lower has helped tremendously. I don’t see why it is made so high on grand pianos. My playing has improved with the help of your product." (used on a Kohler 140 digital baby grand)."

Paul McInturff

Creal Springs, IL

"I could not believe my luck when Dee was demonstrating the Grand Stand for Piano at the PMTA music conference at Penn State University. I had been thinking for a long time that I needed to find a way to help my small students see their music better. I had a family of 3 students who had a grand piano, and they had a lot of trouble seeing their music because the stand is so high. I also worried about all of my students who did NOT have grand pianos who suddenly had to adjust to the height of the music on the grand piano we use for our recitals. I knew as soon as I saw this that it would be PERFECT to help all these students, and I was proven right! I could not be more thrilled with this wonderful, wonderful product. My students can now see their music easily and comfortably without having to strain their necks or their eyes. It has also really helped all the students be more comfortable and less anxious at recitals because they know their music will be easy to see. Thank you Dee for making this amazing invention. You must have read my mind!!"

Amy Aller

State College, PA

"I use the Grand Stand for Piano every day and my young students love it. It brings the music down to their eye level and makes it easier to read while they’re playing."

Susan Atkins

NCTM President-elect, VMTA

"I am writing to let you know that the grandstand is exactly what I needed. You were absolutely right about what size would work. I am sending a photo that you can use if you want. Thank you so much for your brilliant invention."

Jane LeBlanc

Easton, MA

"I am a beginning adult piano student in my early 70s and was struggling with seeing the music on the piano stand with my trifocal glasses. The original grand piano music holder was too high and I was getting headaches and severe neck and shoulder pains whenever I played the piano. Finding your music stand has made all the difference and I no longer have headaches from seeing the music. Just wish the stand came with magical powers to learn to play! Thank you for your product."

Pam - Camano Island


I love the Grand Stand.  Now, I can read music again without bending my neck to see through my bifocals!!  Ingenious.

Sheila Schwartzmann

New Orleans, LA

Boy using Grand Stand | Grand Stand for Piano
 Grand Stand on electric piano | Grand Stand for Piano
Much easier to see the piano music | Grand Stand for Piano
Grand Stand demo at NAMM | Grand Stand for Piano
Easier for boy to see piano music | Grand Stand for Piano
Easier to turn music pages | Grand Stand for Piano
Grand Stand for music notation | Grand Stand for Piano
Young girl happy to use Grand Stand | Grand Stand for Piano
Young lady using Grand Stand | Grand Stand for Piano
Easier for bifocal user to see music | Grand Stand for Piano
Piano music is easier to see | Grand Stand for Piano

"Hi Dee . . .

Just a note to let you know that now that I've gotten used to this new height for the music, I am able to play the organ as long as I want without neck pain.

I am so happy to be able to play again.


Thank you for inventing this, and making it possible."

Joan Myers

Charlotte, NC

Gentleman playing piano using Grand Stand | Grand Stand for Piano