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Rami Bar-Niv

What inspired you to play piano? My piano-teacher mother started my elder brother on the piano. He lasted one day proclaiming that piano was for girls. I was next in line...

At what age did you start playing? I was 5 YO. 

What memories/stories do you have of piano lessons? My mother used to put on the piano the only clock we had at home, told me to practice half an hour and closed the glass door. Every day I moved the clock ahead 5 minutes so I'd have to practice only 25 minutes (I didn't want to make it too obvious...). Every evening at the 9pm news my parents could not understand why the fine clock was wrong...


Do you have a favorite piece/style of music to play? Anything from Bach to Gershwin. My favorite piece is the one I'm playing at the moment. 

As an adult, why do you still enjoy playing piano? It's my profession. I give concerts all over the world, I better enjoy it. But practicing is hard work. 


Do you have a favorite experience that involves the piano? Playing for Leonard Bernstein, performing for 5000 people in Mexico, performing for the American Ambassador in Israel at his home, performing for the president of El Salvador and his family, and many other similar cases.

If you teach piano, what has been your most memorable teaching experience? Each one of my current piano camps for adult players of all levels leaves me with memorable teaching experience. It's just the wonderful students, their love for the piano/music, their serious attitude, and their improvement. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing piano? Composing music, helping out and mentoring students and colleagues, being with my family and grand kids, watching movies, and traveling. I also do sports, used to do karate, nowadays I do walking, swimming, and my own exercises. 


What do you/or have you done for a living? Giving concerts all over the world, composing music, teaching private students, giving master classes, running my own publishing and record company, running my own music management/agency, writing a piano-technique book, and running my piano camp for adults.


Where do you live? I share my time between the USA and Israel. 

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