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How to Take Care of Your Piano

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

How to Take Care of Your Piano
How to Take Care of Your Piano

Similar to other musical instruments, pianos need a lot of care and attention.

For example, they should never be placed near heat sources such as radiators or open fires because extreme temperatures can damage them irreparably.

In addition to this, you must make sure the room is kept well ventilated at all times since pianos are especially sensitive to moisture which could damage them.

Pianos should also be kept away from direct sunlight and sources of humidity such as bathrooms, showers or even your kitchen sink. Being in sunlight or around sources of humidity can damage the varnish on the instrument which is an integral part of its design.

In addition, pianos can be damaged by bumping them, so it's important not to place anything on top of the keys or strike them with your hand. Doing so could cause serious damage and thus cost money in repairs. Similarly, if they are disturbed while moving about, they will need several days in which to settle down again. Pianos should be moved with extreme care.

Even when the piano is not being played regularly it still needs tuning and maintenance to keep it sounding its very best for years to come. If you don't tune your piano regularly, the strings can snap or stretch leading them to need replacing which can be very costly.

Finally, it's also important to take care of the piano stool since this is not only part of your instrument but an essential accessory too. It should always be kept in good condition and placed in a position that allows you to play easily without causing any unnecessary strain on your back or legs.

If you follow these tips then your piano will be well cared for and last many years. Note, it’s best to handle your piano with care than have to pay for a costly repair.

And lastly, if you own a piano music holder, it's also important to take care of it. If you're looking to buy one - our Grand Stand for Piano's music sheet holder might be of good use to you.

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