A valuable teaching aid, the Grand Stand lowers the level of the music closer to the keys, reducing the strain on the eyes and neck, and makes it easier to follow the written score.

Owner of this custom designed Grand Stand for over a year, Christine has found the stand to be immensely helpful for her students. She recently had this to say about the stand: "the Grand Stand for Piano lowers the music book so short students can more easily see the music. As well, it helps my senior adult students take the pressure off their neck by not having to look up as much.

Christine Robitaille

Woodstock, VA


Senior man has a pain in the neck

The Grand Stand is a powerful manifestation of transforming other peoples lives. Watch the short videos below to learn how it has brought the comfort back into this pianist's life, and learn how easy it is to connect the padded holder to the piano rack. Read the testimonials to learn how the Grand Stand has revolutionized pianists' playing experience. 

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Child using the Grand Stand
Piano teacher with Grand Stand and student

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Grand Piano (acoustic and digital): 

16" L x 18" W - $134.99

Music Staff on Clear Background

Grand Stand With Music Staff On Clear Background

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Grand Stand for Piano

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Grand Stand - music staff on white background

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Music Staff on White Background

Grand Piano (acoustic and digital):

16" L x 18" W - $139.99

Standard Piano (acoustic and digital):

12" L x 18" W -  $129.99

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